All you need to know about new PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 Updates

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As we know PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 beta version has already been released. Now, PUBG Mobile is going to release new 0.11.0 update soon . It stated out to be available before 2nd week of February .

Lets check it out what we are getting in new 0.11.0 update.

  • Two new vehicles
  • No Vekendi beta version
  • New weapons (Four)
  • Dynamic Weather (Miramar & Erangel)
  • Ice Area in Erangel Map
  • New Death Cam Feature
  • Zombie Mode

Two New Vehicles.

Tukshai- Its a auto rickshaw and only available on sanhok map.

Snow Bike -This Snow Bike can chase down your opponents at breakneck speeds.

New Weapons

  1. G36c
  2. PP-19 or PP-BIZON
  3. M134
  4. Flame Thrower

G36c is a short to mid range auto rifle gun having 5.56ammo replacing the SCAR-L.


PP-19 BIZON is a SMG gun which loads 9mm ammo type.


M134 is a machine gun having 200 rounds of magazine.

Dynamic Weather
As we can only see dynamic weather in Sanhok map. Now, its going to available for Miramar and Erangle map. Also in vekendi map there is a Moonlight mode arrives.
Also, in erangle map we able to see small part will be in snow .

Vekendi Map

New Death Camera Feature, this is mainly releasing for to detect hackers and report to them. By this feature players can actually see how they die . Its a little bit close to spectate feature.

Zombie mode
Last not the least , we can clear see many videos are out of zombie mode also it has been released in beta version. In normal mode you can find out some zombie in spawn inland.

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